Your Ideal Membership

Thank you for your interest in Western Hills Country Club. We are confident that our Club can provide the many different amenities that you are looking for. We have three different memberships that may be of interest to you, a Class A Transferable Membership, a Corporate Membership and a Junior Membership.

At Western Hills Country Club we have no food and beverage minimum and there are no assessments of any kind. Guest green fees are currently $45.00 during the week and $65.00 on the weekends.  Riding a cart is optional.  Should members or guests choose to ride a golf cart, an additional fee of $14.00 per rider for 18 holes or $8.00 per rider for 9 holes is required.

Please call Christine Smith at (714) 528-6400 if you have any questions, would like to schedule a personal tour, or request a membership application.

Available Memberships
  - Class A Transferable Membership
  - Corporate Membership
  - Junior Membership

Class A Transferable Membership
The current Initiation Price of a Class A Transferable membership is $1,000.00. In addition to this, a $2,000.00 Performance Deposit is required. The membership is transferable subject to a 40% fee and the deposit is refundable at time of sale. As a Class A Transferable Member, you may opt for either a family membership (spouse and children under age 23) or a single membership. The monthly dues for a family membership are $410.00 and for a single member are $380.00 per month. Additionally, the driving range fee is $15.00 per month. These dues entitle one to unlimited golf and driving range activity.
Corporate Membership
The current Initiation Price of a Corporate Membership is $3,000.00 with an additional $2,000.00 Performance Deposit. This is transferable with a 40% transfer fee and the deposit is refundable at the time of sale. A Corporate Membership consists of one principle member and a second associate member. The principle member is responsible for monthly dues of $380.00, which entitles him or her and family to unlimited golf. The associate member pays monthly dues of $350.00 and this is a single membership. The principal member and the associate members are also charged $15.00 per month for the driving range. This fee covers all activity on the range including any guests.
Junior Membership
The current price of a Junior Membership is $1,000.00. This membership is available to individuals under age 36. This membership is convertible to a Class A Transferable Membership at the current price at the time of conversion. The $1,000.00 is applied to this purchase price. The monthly dues for a Junior Member are $310.00 and the driving range fee is $15.00 per month.
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